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Working at Lure means resolving to work at a restaurant that challenges itself and its employees to maintain a high bar of excellence in food, beverage and hospitality, and to make a commitment to meaningfully support our community. And to have a lot of fun while we do it! With only 45 seats and an open kitchen, we are a small, intimate space with a small FOH and BOH team that works closely.

Open positions:

  • Line Cook - $20/hour - full-time, year-round position

    - minimum of 2-3 years of experience working in kitchens as a line cook

    - must be able to work Tuesday - Saturday - we are closed Sunday and Monday

    Responsibilities include, but not limited to:

    - preparing food for service

    - setting up and stocking stations with all necessary supplies, checking in and putting away orders

    - working the line and cooking in cooperation with the rest of the kitchen staff

    - maintaining awareness of kitchen needs and is able to communicate clearly and concisely

    - looking for someone who is thoughtful, can anticipate needs, quick-thinking and has a great attitude & energy

    - opportunity to be a part of a great team, learn, contribute to and work collaboratively with all staff

This is a great opportunity for someone looking to take the next step in their culinary career, with plenty of opportunities to learn, as well as contribute their ideas to the restaurant.

With a strong local focus, we work closely with local farmers and producers. Beyond regular service, we host guest-chef pop-ups, private pairing events, and a community collaboration series, which includes a once-a-month nonprofit event. In addition, we also participate in many off-site events.

  • FOH Support - Friday & Saturday - opportunity to learn how to serve & bartend

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